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By: Alia Amelyn

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Thursday, 28-May-2009 08:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lucky Mommies


Inilah dia para pemenang bagi Contest One Lucky Mommy which was held sometimes last week @ my Photo blog: LittleBigShots Photography.
Both mommies mmg cukup sporting walaupun diberikan tempoh masa yang singkat mereka tetap datang untuk sessi penggambaran yang diadakan pada hujung minggu yang lepas......

Thank yous to both mommies for making my day a lovely one...i had great time capturing you guys...insya-Allah we'll do this again ya...

Tuesday, 19-May-2009 10:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Family Portraiture

Sharp Dressers

Three's a Charm

Little Angel, Zara

Rough and Tumble

Beautiful Girls

Dah lama rasanya tak update gambar-gambar hasil kerja kat sini...anyway here's the latest family portraiture which were taken sometimes back in April...memang cukup mencabar bila diminta mengambil potret 5 keluarga yang cukup sporting dan penuh bergaya dalam jangka masa yang pendek...but I totally love the adrenaline and the challenge....walaupun penat tp cukup puas hati....thanks Mona and guys were totally great sports.....i had the best time that day capturing you guys...and i hope the same goes to you ya....jangan serik yeh! hehehe!

Yes, I still do weddings...cuma sekarang ni dah takde online gallery like previously....ada masalah sikit dengan company yang simpan all our data since diaorg dah tukar management ni....but macam mana pun Insya-Allah gambar-gambar tersebut akan diupload to our official website gallery : MyshotsWedding and to all the brides to be, don't hesitate to contact us for more details on our great packages ya......

As for my 2As, it's the exam week for both of far diaorg confident je boleh buat semua paper, apapun kita tunggu dan lihat sahaja results nanti....hmmm..cuti sekolah bakal menjelma lagi....terasa macam nak pergi bercuti je....tapi tak ada idea nak pi mana lagi....hmmmm....any suggestions where we should go? I'd really appreciate your input......

Monday, 4-May-2009 10:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
We just love to JUMP!

up..up..high in the air!

This was sometimes during the last week of April....masa ni baru je abis shooting family portraiture kat KLCC Park....dah lama teringin nak ambil gambar macam ni akhirnya dapat juga...yeahhh!! Nasib baik la Alia + Amelyn layan je kerenah mama that day.....hehehe! Lepas tu, cadangnya nak berjalan-jalan di sekitar kitaraya on that day tapi memandangkan hari yang sangat panas terik, we ended up going to Central Market je...senang sikit just a few stops from KLCC by LRT....

Setelah sekian lama akhirnya berjaya juga bawa the 2As meronda KL walaupun di sekitar CM sahaja tapi memang tak dapat dinafikan berada di Central Market membuka minda mereka to the other side of the world yang jarang sekali mereka was an eye opening experience + a great learning process for them....they got to watch painters in action...street artists showcasing their talents...and learnt all about our nifty cultural handiwork at the same time....and they also got to buy some cute souvenirs as their supports for the local artists! One thing for sure, it was totally a worthwhile journey....

Hmm....Central Market dah sudah....lepas ni ke mana pula kita ya.....?

* Ha'ah takde gmbr kat CM sebab tak dpt nak ambil gmbr dalam tu....takut nnt kena sound dgn pak guard lagi....

Tuesday, 21-Apr-2009 02:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jumping with JOY!

Why is she so happy? Coz she got to go to International Book Fair and she got herself a total of SEVEN new hardcover story books! That's why she's jumping with joy! Well as for me, I'm just glad she could read well, I just need to polish her English and Maths.....

Work wise, It's been a while since I last updated any entries on it but you can read it all at my photography blog: LittleBigShots Photography...and this May I'll be doing Mom's Day promo again....but things has not been confirmed yet, so you guys just have to watch out for the news soon ya....takut nak buat nanti takde sambutan pulak....

Okay peeps, be back with more soon....till then...

Wednesday, 8-Apr-2009 02:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Chomel Crafts!


My little girl has just been chosen as the lil model for chomelcrafts....isn't she adorable?

Tapi cerita sebenarnya punyala seksa nak minta tolong dia ambil pose macam ni, sampaikan kena janji nak belanja dia aiskrim baru la dapat pujuk dia ambil gambar...makin besar makin susah nak ambil gambar the 2As sekarang ni, tambah² Kak Long yang sekarang ni lagi prefer to be the one holding the camera rather than the model...sabar je la....anyway, this photo sessions was done to highlight and promote the lovely handmade hair clips done by their "mummy" yang cukup bermurah hati memberi samples flower hair clip yang sangat comel ini! Siap ada yang pakai pi sekolah eventhough dia pakai tudung...hehehe!

Anyway my dearest mommies yang mana yang berminat untuk membeli handmade hair clips ini silalah melawat ke blog ini ya :

These hair clips will make great accessories for your lil one and not to mention they will look great in pictures too!

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