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By: Alia Amelyn

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Sunday, 29-Mar-2009 05:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
We are BACK!

Akhirnya setelah sekian lama menyepi, kini the 2As kembali dengan cerita-cerita² sensasi yang dah almost "basi"...hehehe! Susah juga nak transfer phone line ni rupanya apatah lagi kalau kat Kajang ni yg memang sentiasa penuh ja portnya.....anyway, we've changed to another broadband provider.....hopefully this one tidak mengecewakan hendaknya...


Got her ears pierced. Mmg kuat semangat budak kecik ni masa kena tindik langsung tak nangis, good girl! Setakat sekarang ni collection subang dia dah hampir 10 pasang, coordinated dengan all her dresses...hmmm warna kuning je yg takde lagi ni..hehehe!

Met with her favorite action star, abang Awal yang cukup friendly dan sporting sudi bergambar dengan budak kecik ni yang boleh pula lupa nama abang Awal dalam cerita Impak Maksima...sabar je la...kata minat tp boleh pula lupa kan...hehehe!

Registered to a new school, and she's loving every moment of it. Kalau dulu kak long ke QDees tapi si kecik ni nak ubah environment so we registered her to Pasti As-Syakirin nearby, adorable kan muslimah kecik sorang ni kan....dan yang pastinya dia cukup suka dengan suasana sekolah kat situ, 1st day lagi dah siap dapat kawan.....lega rasanya tengok Amelyn dah dapat suaikan diri....terasa betul dia dah besar kan.....


Had her 1st exam, and she's proud of the results. Full mark for paper Agama and the rest around 90s..Alhamdulillah....cuma Maths je yang teruk sikit, so lepas ni nak kena concentrate more on Maths. But overall, you made us proud girl....hehehe! Oh ya, gambar kat atas ni masa sambutan Maulidur Rasul kat sekolah TKP...comel sangat anak dara sorang ni berbaju kurung lengkap bertudung macam tu kan, dah ada ropa "Orked" dalam cerita Sepet la pulak...hehehe!

Last month juga they had the chance to go to few birthday parties, one of them is Sarah Aiesha's 2nd birthday party @ Bayu Lounge, Kelab Tasik Putrajaya. The theme was Winnie the Pooh and friends. Memang the 2As enjoy sangat that day sampaikan makan pun sikit je....seronok main colouring and bubbles lagi katanya....To our dearest Sarah Aiesha, happy birthday from kakak Alia and Amelyn....and stay cute ok!

As for the latest on my work, do go to: LittleBigShots Photography ya....thanks peep! your continuous supports are highly appreciated...

Sunday, 15-Mar-2009 20:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
We are back!

Not quite, but here we are ....

We have settled in a new place.
Got the little one into a new school, and she loved it!
Been to few birthday parties.
Went to IKEA sales.
Met with Amelyn's favorite action hero.

Yet, we couldn't do any updates on all these stuffs due to the absence of the phone line... it's been almost a month now, and there is nothing we could do about it....feels so hopeless and now, we really need to find other options! Any suggestions guys?

Wednesday, 18-Feb-2009 06:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Majlis Aqiqah & Kesyukuran Airiel Mukhriz & Zayd


A long due entry.

TWO cute lil munchkins. Airiel Mukhriz & Zayd.
Their parents are no strangers to us, we've been to their engagement, solemnization and receptions.
We just couldn't be any happier when we were invited for this lovely event.
Thank you my dear Mimi, Fariz, Farah and Sayf.
Congrats on your lil ones!
Geram sangat tengok both heroes....if only I could bring them home....hehehe!!

For more photos -> Airiel Mukhriz & Zayd

Images by KC for
LittleBigShots Photography

Wednesday, 18-Feb-2009 01:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
New Home

It's been quite a while since my last update.
Anyway, Alia + Amelyn are now at our New Home.
Fret not this FP will still be updated with my works and so on.
In the meantime, do visit our new blog.
Have a good day, people!

Tuesday, 10-Feb-2009 05:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Great Expectation

It’s been quite a while since my last maternity portraiture, so this opportunity was definitely worth the wait. The mom to be, Zizah was glowing from top to toe. Though she was so shy at first but we managed to get few poses finally after dad to be was “forced” to pose too! Hehehe!

She is due almost anytime now.

My dear Zizah, I wish everything will go just fine. And don’t panic, just remember to inhale and exhale, and enjoy the moment!

Images by KC
LittleBigShots Photography

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