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By: Alia Amelyn

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Friday, 6-Feb-2009 17:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 1-Feb-2009 09:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
coming soon : great expectation

Being pregnant is the best thing a mom could ever ask for, and for me it was the most memorable experience I ever had. I could still remember how the little one kicked with all her might against my big tummy and how I couldn’t stand the smell of those Styrofoam containers. Those were back then. Now I had the pleasure capturing beautiful bellies without having to endure the morning sickness, how cool is that eh? And last weekend, this mom to be was one of them. She was just so wonderful to work with, though at times I was like are u ok? are sure you can do this? …with like 2 weeks more to the EDD, anyone would be in the same shoes as me right….hehehe!

More pictures coming soon….so you’d better watch this space…

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LittleBigShots Photography

we are now @ LittleBigShots Photography

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Arya is ONE!


Date: 3.1.2009
Place: McDonald's Bandar Sri Damansara

Today is her big day! Masih boleh ingat lagi how tiny she was masa majlis aqiqah last year, and since then memang dah takde jumpa Arya till her birthday party ni. My oh my, how she has grown! Such a cute lil tot, kept dancing to the music cheekily...awwwww....isn's she adorable! Rasa macam nak kidnap je bawak balik...

Majlis harijadi Arya ni memang cukup happening dan riuh rendah dengan gelak tawa dari kawan-kawan dan juga keluarga yang hadir. Memang tak dapat dinafikan masa part games la yang cukup meriah! Terutamanya bila kanak-kanak Ribena yang terlebih usia pun turut serta...hehehe! Jangan marah ye, nnt cepat tua! Tapi memang best la u ols, sporting giler!

The birthday cake was totally cute to the max! With the doll and blue bear, it couldn't have been more perfect than this! And yes, it was delicious tooo....yummy! My dear Arya, I know you had a great one that day..but i just wanna wish you again and again..happy birthday my sweetie, and stay cute please! You are a doll!

More photos can be seen here -> Arya is ONE

Wednesday, 21-Jan-2009 01:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Families! Birthdays! and many more......


date: 25.12.2008
place: Putrajaya

What a sweet family kan! Memang seronok kan kalau ada adik beradik ramai ni, you are among the lucky ones la dear....suka sangat tengok ikatan yang cukup rapat among them, especially the young ones dengan their aunties yang semuanya still young at heart....hehehe! Thanks Anna for believing in me....seronok to be a "part" of your family that day....

For more photos -> Anna's Family Portraiture 2008


date: 27.12.2008
place: Shah Alam

It's all about football for this lil handsome guy, dari masa kc sampai hinggala time nak balik, mmg tak berenggang dengan bola dia....hehehe! One lil guy to watch out was a great party, beautifully decorated by his supermom, and everyone just had great time that my dear Iman, happy birthday once sorry for the late entry....anyway here it is....and do enjoy the gallery ya!

For more photos -> Iman Hezrin is 2


date: 28.12.2008
place: Ukay Club, Bukit Antarabangsa

Kalau yang tadi about football, this time it's all about Barbie! Biasala kalau girls memang tak boleh dipisahkan dengan Barbie and all those pink stuffs kan....and it was a very special day for Jauhar Rhea and Jauhar Elya that day as they both celebrated their BIG day in the splashiest way yang bole....hehehe! Seronok tengok both kids dah besar, last time Elya was still the quiet one...tapi this time this lil one was the heart of the party....kejap dia ke sana, kejap dia ke sini.....tapi yang pasti kakak Rhea tak leh jauh dari swimming pool tu walaupun dalam hujan! hehehe! Anyway thanks my dear Jauhars for inviting me and the 2As, we had so much FUN that day....and happy belated birthday once again from us ya!

For more photos-> Jauhars' Splashy Bash 2008

A Day at the Zoo

date: 30.12.2008
place: Zoo Negara

What a perfect way to end the school holiday than visiting the zoo's my second time after so many years and this time i had two lil munchkins with me. They just love the animals, and seeing them going ooohhh ahhhh! at the sight of giraffe....elephants or even a goat was simply priceless! They are just so adorable and I heart them so much, thanks to you, my dear Amani & Hariz for making me a part of that trip, I truly enjoyed the moment spent.... hmm where to pula ye lepas ni?

For more photos -> A day at the Zoo

All photos are captured with love by KC for LittleBigShots Photography
Buzz me now for the 2009 new Family/Kids Portraiture package!

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