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Wednesday, 5-Nov-2008 02:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
sneak peeks: Auni Dania & Marsha's Pirate Birthday Party

I am totally swamped, so sorry for not updating but I promise I'll be back with all the galleries update real soon.....but anyway here are sneak peeks for last weekend's birthday parties....what a coincidence, both are pirate's parties! yo ho ho! cool eh!

Auni Dania's 2nd Birthday Party

Captain Marsha's Pirate Party

Monday, 3-Nov-2008 06:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Once upon a time..

In a magical forest, there lived two beautiful princesses cast away by their parents to live peacefully far away from the evil witch to wait the day prince charming will come and rescue them......

from left: Balqis, Fifi, Alia & Husna

hahaha mama sudah terkena demam fairy tale stories.....sekarang ni Alia tengah practise for her school concert and one of the segments include Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs musical drama tapi Alia is totally not the Snow White la.....and last week, I had the chance to see her class in action....comel sangat bila tengok budak-budak kecik menyanyi dan menari....tapi character yang paling mama suka of course the evil stepmother tu! she was so good....I just couldn't wait to see the real thing, Alia will be one the flowers and friend to the Snow White....

She's growing up fast indeed....this week, she's having her final exams, concert all in one but we'll be celebrating her big day in style, insya-Allah by this weekend.....still macam tak percaya next year Alia dah nak masuk from now on no more late nights which includes me too! As a start, I've already started to look for her school things which include school bag....uniform....etc...etc....tak sangka beg budak sekolah sekrg ni pun dah mahal-mahal yer.....sabo je la.....hehehe!

back to work......i will be back later with more birthday updates from last weekend...sabar ye Oja + Aisha......

Thursday, 30-Oct-2008 16:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Damia is FIVE!

Damia has just turned FIVE, and it's time to party!

date: 19.10.08
place: Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam

Such cute lil goodies bags siap sekali dengan balloons....

Even Danish couldn't resist to get one too...

mama-mama yang vogue...

the henna corner with Kak Dayu

As planned, Damia had the time of her life as everyone came to celebrate her 5th birthday party! Since it's still the Syawal month, the birthday party has been combined with open house too...memang cukup rajin tuan rumah menyediakan hidangan hari raya dan juga goodies bag yang cukup unik! And not only that they even had one corner for painting + henna.....ramai tul yg queue for henna tu...including mak-mak yang vogue tu....hehehe!

Happy birthday to you....

Make a wish....

The happy family....

What's a party without a cake kan....a yummy one too! It's finally time for cake cutting....masa yang amat dinanti-nantikan oleh semua kanak-kanak yang ada....sampaikan ada yang tanya the birthday girl, boleh tak dia yang nak blow the candles nanti....heheh so adorable! But whatever it is, happy birthday my dearest was a great one...till next year, we wish you all the happiness in the world.....and to madam Erna and family, thank you so much for inviting me....suka sangat dapat buat henna that day...finally after so long......hehehe!

Thanks everyone for coming......

For more photos -> Damia is Five
photos by kc 013.3999.432

Coming soon:-

Zain & Mira - reception II
Aris & Nadia - solemnization + reception
Razif & Hani - solemnization + reception
Zahir - reception
Syafiq & Dina - reception
Danisha - birthday
Rushdi & Salawati - pre wedding

Thursday, 30-Oct-2008 16:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lil Angel

Nur Alisa Fatin

Such a cute lil one....dah lama rasanya tak ambil gambar kids jadi kesempatan yang ada on one saturday morning tak dpt dilepaskan....apatah lagi when it was spent with the cute Cha and her family....walaupun sekejap cuma but we had so much fun, especially part nak mengejar Cha....hehehe! Memang tak boleh duduk diam this cute lil one....totally reminds me of my kids when they are at her age....

She just love bubbles....and popping them too....tapi yang bestnya bila bubbles tu dah landing kat atas rumput baru dia nak pegang....memang at this age, they learn through their own discovery and observation.....seronok rasanya to be a part of that....Cha, i do hope you will grow up to be a beautiful daughter.....and most of all, a wonderful person.....

For more photos of this lil angel head on to -> Nur Alisa Fatin's gallery

Sunday, 26-Oct-2008 15:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Our Deepa Weekend

How's your weekend? Ours were super duper great!


Tak sabar-sabar masa ni, hujan tak hujan kena rempuh juga....

It's Hallloween!


Sempat posing masa on the way out...

Walaupun hujung minggu yang amat memenatkan but we did have great time...bermula dari hari Jumaat where the 2As got to watch HSM3 on the big screen sampailah to the day we celebrated Danisha's birthday......Our review? HSM3 memang best sangat-sangat! Walaupun before that we were packed like sardines in the commuter, stranded in the traffic jam, got in late and missed the first part....tapi tak rugi rasanya sebab HSM3 memang best, all the dance moves...songs......mmg best sangat.....kalau zaman dulu-dulu ada Grease but for my kids the Wildcats really does it for them! Even yang mak-mak ni pun dah jatuh cinta sama Troy Bolton.....hahahhahaha! sabar je la......After movie, we went for dinner dan juga window shopping kat 1Utama...sempat juga ambil gambar kat center attraction kat situ which is Mr. Scarecrow and the gang....hehehe....takut juga 2As mulanya.....tapi dah tengok ramai yang ambil gmbr kat situ barula diaorg berani......


Amelyn with the birthday girl

Uik..ada best friend baru nampaknya ni....hehehehe!

Happy Birthday Danisha!

Emmmm...mmm...yummynya cake ni!

On Saturday, paginya I had a wedding kat Shah Alam....dan petangnya ada birthday kat Bangi, this time mama bawa Amelyn since dia nak sangat-sangat ikut.....kat situ we met with the handsome Ariz Faruq who has just became Amelyn's best friend....seronok sangat dapat main kereta dengan Ariz....terkekek┬▓ dia gelak bila kc buat kereta tu jalan atas perut dia....ahhhh so comel yang wat nak ada boy ni...hehehe! nasib baik masa tu Amelyn pun tak jealous.....

The birthday party was great walaupun birthday girl tak berapa sihat....but everything went well...and Amelyn enjoyed the day so much! Thanks Miera for inviting us....

Sunday & Monday

Nothing much on Sunday sebab mama was busy at work dari pagi for wedding reception sampaila ke outdoor session pada petangnya....and the 2As were left at home with their Mak Tok....while yesterday, sepatutnya we had a photo session kat FRIM but too bad it was cancelled so apa lagi bila dah takde kerja, jalan-jalan cari makan + shopping la! hehehe! So we went to the Macy's Warehouse clearance which left me RM 50 poorer....hahaha! Tapi for those yang memang nak cari sofa, langsir memang berbaloi la rasanya sebab discount sampai 80% yesterday, sampaikan sofa yang beribu-ribu pun dah jadi beratus ja....cantik-cantik pulak tu! too bad rumah dah penuh idak ada juga yang mengangkut one seater yg comel itu....hahahha!

And starting today till the rest of the week....I will be busy editing albums and preparing Alia's for her exam next week.....but I'll be back with updates for Cha & Damia's birthday party soon ya.....

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